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Welcome to the ARK OF THE COVENANT webpage!! Here you can read about  the history of this ark replica, and find out how to build your own from the DIY kit. You can purchase separate parts (e.g. angels by themselves, and separate ark kit parts (e.g. the lid kit by itself), or everything all at once!

**GUYS, THE ARK OF THE COVENANT REMASTER IS PROGRESSING!   Pic of one of the new Ark rails.  My designer and I practically killed ourselves working to make it accurate. (read more below)

**DISCLAIMER: all pieces are made per order in the order received.   The wait time is usually 4-5 weeks.  There are no refunds accepted since these pieces are made personally for each builder.  A 20% restock fee applies for any exchanges or returns.  NO items that have been painted/modified in any way can be accepted as an exchange.


**BIG NEWS!  Work has begun on a re-tooled and remastered ARK OF THE COVENANT! The Ark will be almost completely re-tooled.  The mercy seat is being completely re-designed as well as the feet.  The mercy seat will be unavailable until sometime in JULY OR AUGUST 2019.  Prices previously posted on this page will be outdated starting Jan. 2019.  Email for details.

Check back on this page for updates.






Ark Angels KIT

Each piece is made from scratch per order and usually can ship within 4-5 weeks after order.


 NEW tutorial for preparing the ARK ANGELS kit:






**kit refers to parts that are untrimmed, unassembled, unpainted.

****NEW 2017!  This is a sample buildup by my friend Mr. Tom Everson.  If you can believe it, this is PAINTED, though it looks as though it was plated. It used RATTLE CAN SPRAYPAINTS!  Gloss black at first, followed up by a gold spraypaint available at hobby lobby!  CLICK THE TWO PHOTOS BELOW TO VISIT HIS BUILD GALLERY. Email for details.

Feel free to browse the different galleries below.

PRICES HAVE CHANGED, CHERUBS PAIR IS NOW $350, please note the changes for the ark kit prices.  Delivery time is typically 4-5 weeks after ordering so please don't expect to receive them immediately.


*****NEW!!!!!******CHECK THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE!! New Ark-Building TUTORIALS available.



There is a new 4-part Ark tutorial series. Here's part 1 of 4 (check the bottom of this page for the other programs)

Ark Angels KIT


**prices listed here do not include shipping.  Shipping a FULL ARK kit requires two very large, very heavy boxes. UPS freight inside the U.S. is typically around $225 for shipping a full ark kit.

Please allow a minimum of 3-4 weeks for shipment after order.

                                       HOW IT WAS MADE:

In late 2003 I had the ridiculous notion that I would have enough time, resource and energy to accomplish a major construction project: a lifesize ARK OF THE COVENANT!!!!

I was a little kid when Raiders came out and the beauty of that prop stunned me.  I think the mysterious mythology and Occult connections behind the Ark makes it truly fascinating. I just HAD to make one.

The ark angels (cherubim) are the only part of this ark not scratch-built. I used those castings to draw up blueprints for the rest of the parts. Nearly 2 1/2 years of slinging clay, shaping sheet metal, carving and lathing wood, mixing fiberglass and resin, making molds, gold plating, etc... HERE SHE IS:


Click photo to go the the buildup tutorial!!





Priceguide listed at the bottom of this page. 










Ark Angels KIT



Client build-ups of the Ark kit:



Here's an example of a PAINTED ARK. (treated with black automative enamel, and hobby lobby gold foil spray color.)



Video of the first fully plated ark



Email me at with any questions...


**PLEASE NOTE: anything that is described as a KIT means that the artist does absolutely no work to the pieces. They are cast from the mold and immediately set into a shipping box. You will need to trim the pieces, putty, clean and sand all the seamlines, assemble, detail, paint etc..

**Carpentry and modelling skills are highly recommended. The mercy seat is a 2 part thermal formed shell that requires some time and patience to put together.

Here are prices in KIT form.


4 custom made pinecone feet including the bottom ribbing: $150 for the set of 4

Bottom bead ribbing trim (3 very long strips enough to cover the entire bottom panels $75)

Story panels (set of 2 rectangles, set of 2 squares) $225

Top ribbing components with corner cutouts to fit flush on a 90o angle (set of 4) $120

Stave rings (set of 4 cut to the proper lengths) $25

MERCY SEAT aka LID (this is the BIG one) - over 500 hours to construct with 264 lotus leaves lining the top surface, top layer, and bottom layer.

$395 for the thermal formed version

Gallery Rails $145 (uses a special high strength casting resin) Enough linked figures to produce 2 long sides and 2 short sides (46 characters).

ARK ANGELS: 195 each separately or $350 for a pair.


If you decide to get ALL the above kit pieces, the price is discounted to $1,349

This base kit does not include the lumber, hardware (bolts & screws) and flat plastic you'll need for the construction. All of those materials can be found at any home improvement center. Measurements for the carpentry phase are provided with each kit.


If you would like all the pre-measured and pre-cut lumber to produce the trunk please include $155. This includes ALL the lumber you will need ready to assemble except the stave poles which you will need to pick up at lowes (8-foot bed posts).


The only other component needed is the flat material for making the smooth surface for the sides. Essentially you just need a flat surface that you cut 'windows' out of that the story panels show through. Styrene, ABS, Masonite, vinyl flooring, etc.. there are a number of options you can find at home depot.

If you would like styrene side paneling from me, please add $125 for all 4 sides, pre cut to the proper dimensions with the windows stenciled into position, you will need a dremel to cut them out by hand.


Measurements of a finished ark:

the LID is 43" long, 25 1/2 " wide, 15 1/2" tall including the angels.

The TRUNK is 19 1/2" tall, 23" wide, 40" long.

So that makes it a total of 35" tall when assembled with the lid on the trunk.

The weight (estimated) is around 75 pounds.  

****THE ANGELS BY THEMSELVES:   16.5" long from wingtip to the rear edge of the base, 8.75 inches tall from the top of the head to the bottom of the base.


**If you are receiving a KIT, you may consider finishing your Ark with GOLD LEAF.  Check this tutorial. It's amazingly simple and inexpensive.


**DISCLAIMER: all pieces are made per order in the order received.   The wait time is usually 4-5 weeks.  There are no refunds accepted since these pieces are made personally for each builder.  A 20% restock fee applies for any exchanges or returns.  NO items that have been painted/modified in any way can be accepted as an exchange.




For a completely ASSEMBLED ark ready to gold plate, guild or paint, the price is $4,000 (this is delivered in a raw, white surface)   This represents over 100 hrs of work.  When you factor in the cost of the kit, the labor hours work out to be about $3.00 an hour.  

FINISHED AND PAINTED GOLD ARK  $4,500 (this includes an automotive quality paint job in quadruble lacquered paint finish.  

A GOLD PLATED ARK  (NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE) This is achieved through a state of the art goldchrome technique. The finish is absolutely astounding!  This price is this high due to the extremely high cost of the gold plating.  A gold plated ark is EXTREMELY RARE.  There are less than 10 in the world.





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