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M56 Smartgun Replica kit

update 2013

  This is the SMARTGUN!! What an awesome weapon!!!!  Seen in ALIENS (as used by Drake and Vasquez).   This weapon was built for the film using an mg42 as a base.  After modifications, it was mounted on a steadicam arm.


This is a magnificent achievement & is detailed in every way. It stands tip to tip, nearly four feet long. Most components are BOLTED onto the barrel (not super glued) which gives this replica superior strength. It is composed of nearly 2 dozen separately molded high impact urethane components and features brand new rubber handgrips. Each part is was hand-cast, hand-trimmed, detailed, painted, weathered and assembled with utmost care, making this a very solid and sturdy piece.

 Where necessary, pins were used during assembly to provide anchors for attachments. The replica weighs approximately 10 lbs. It is detailed EXACTLY like the photos showing below. This is a beauty that is the crowning glory in any sci-fi weapon collection.

 The lines are crisp, the weapon is steady and the detail is astonishing. The Replica measures a whopping 49" from the tip of the barrel to the end of the rear grip. It weighs over TEN POUNDS of molded durable resin. The entire weapon consists of about 2 dozen gun parts. Most pieces are bolted on one-another for ultimate strength and durability.
Instead of using adhesive, concealed fastening pins and 4" steel screws were used to attach the firing tip, the rear handles, the casing canister, the mid-drift grip, the cocking handle and lattice side supports.




This replica will take any abuse a well seasoned marine can deliver.
Also, both grips are fitted with real Foam grip handles purchased at a sporting outlet. The prop-maker went the extra mile for this puppy.
This is the perfect addition to any collector's sci-fi display!!!! Lean this monster against the corner and have no worries.






The raw kit (you trim and clean parts, assemble, paint, detail) is $395.00


p.s. the kit includes all the parts (besides the bike grips) for making the actual weapon replica.  The attachment arm seen in the film is not included.  The filmmakers used a STEADICAM rig to harness the smartgun.  These can be found feebay.