Fertility Goddess

Harry Potter Mandrake Root

 Lifesized flexible Mandrake Root Replica

 A Mandrake, also known as Mandragora, is a plant which has a root that looks like a human (like a baby when the plant is young, but maturing as the plant grows).  Whenever unearthed, the root screams. The scream of a mature Mandrake when it is unearthed will kill any person who hears it, but a young Mandrake's screams will usually only knock a person out for several hours.


The Mandragosa KIT is $69.95 as a one piece flexible urethane foam casting.  Click to ORDER.  Follow the instructions in the video above to complete it.  It is only available in kit form (untrimmed, unpainted).  You will need to buy your own plastic foliage at a craft store.  Thanks!!!


 Here's the sculpt:

 We created a foam armature and suspended it off the bench with a fiberglass rod.  I decided to produce a custom FAT rendtion of the a mandrake - a pudgy, pouty face and big beer belly.

 We're using CT3 Clay (identical to WED) and constantly drying it out and wetting it down to achieve a sculpt quickly and organically.


 Finished sculpt and molding process:


 Yes, he's doing the walk-like-an-egyptian pose but imagine the ends of his limbs fully decorated with root extensions.  Also, with the simple insertion of a thick wire, the arms and head can be posed.  Just jam armature wire through the soft foam, glue the ends in place with rubber cement, and pose him as you wish!

 A kit consists of the body casting which is made in a soft flexible urethane foam (will not deteoriate and can be displayed outdoors if the paint is sealed properly).  The casting is then decorated with craft store leaves and roots.

This artpiece can be potted, hung outside or used as interior decoration. 


  Here's the first casting out of the mold.  For this first test I used a flexible urethane FOAM.  It took an ENTIRE Kit but the result is pretty neat! 











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