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On this page I will be posting shipping information to help clear up any confusion.  Shipping rates have increased MASSIVELY in the last 3-4 years, especially INTERNATIONAL shipping. In an effort to not under or over-charge I'm posting this data here.


All packages ship from the U.S.  As a firm rule, any box that is 4 lbs or more (no matter how small the box is) the postage is usually $65.00-$75.00 (with barely anything added on for the cost of the box and packing).  As evidence of this, check this photo:  It's a very smallish box but weights over 4 lbs.

 Updated September 2016:

a 12X10X10 box to the U.K. is $60 unfortunately.  This is the cost of postage.   When I can afford to I try to donate a small portion of the box/packing material supplies.

Just shipped 2 angels to the U.K.    The costs alone were over $80.  Here's proof:


 The heavier the box is over 4lbs the more they charge to ship it.  For example, some boxes will end up costing $90-$120 if they are 6 lbs or heavier.


Also note that some countries only allow a maximum box size of 79" length/girth.  This is not a very large box whatsoever (see photo above).  Some items require 2 or three of these boxes to accomplish the shipping with each costing upwards of $90 to ship depending on what country you're in.



Even this very tiny box commands a pretty hefty postage minimum.  I am NOT making this up =)

 The same applies to very small padded envelopes.   A multipass kit for example is nearly $13-$16 to ship overseas even though it's in a small padded envelope.

Shipping sample rates (2016)

HELMET KIT to U.K $67.00  (yes just a smallish box cost that much)

Queen kit to U.K. $78.00 (postage alone)                                      

Multipass kit to U.K. $19.50 (postage alone)

Eagle 5 kit to U.K. $55 (postage lone)

Phone Home one to U.K. $66 (postage alone)

Audrey 2 (larger) to U.K. $55 (postage alone)

Life-sized robot figure to Australia, Sweden, requires three boxes because of the 79" box.   Each box costs $145 (postage alone)

Lifesized robot kit to U.K. $125 (postage alone)

Helmet kit to South America $72.00


Folks, these are actual prices. I am not making this up.  As much as I would like to offer free shipping, for some reason they keep asking me for money when I ship things at the post office.  If you go to USPS.COM and enter the data you will see for yourself.


I'm more than happy to ship overseas but please understand I can't afford to lose money so I need to charge a rate that will actually cover the cost of shipment.