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Ark of the Covenant KIT

There is a free 4-Part detailed tutorial study showing you each and every building step guiding you from this raw Ark kit to a fully finished Ark.  HAVE A LOOK~!!!!

**please note that SHIPPING AND HANDLING is not included in the ark kit price. The Ark kit box is very massive and heavy and can only be shipped via private freight carrier.  UPS has the most competitive prices.   I am shipping from the west coast.  As of Jan 2017 here are current shipping prices:

To CA, UT, NV, AZ, UT the price is $175 

Any states east of Utah the cost is $250




If you're interested in individual Ark kit parts (raw, untrimmed), and ENTIRE kit, or even fully finished gold plated version, feel free to email me.

 CLICK ICON to view photos of a detailed tutorial on buliding the ark from this kit.



The KIT includes:

  • Two Angels (solid resin castings, very crisp and detailed)
  • The  Mercy Seat (lid)  (consists of two very large thermal formed shells). 
  • 2 square story panels (resin cast)
  • 2 rectangular story panels (resin cast)
  • 4 feet (solid resin cast)
  • 4 top ribs (sit atop the corner posts)
  • 4 side posts
  • 2 long gallery rails
  • 2 short gallery rails

The remaining materails (wood, pvc, plastic etc..) can be found at any home improvement center.



The angels in this kit are 16.5" long from the tips of the wings to the back of the casting.  The angel (base included) is 8.7 inches tall.

THe LID is 43" long, 25.5" wide, 15.5" tall including the angels

The TRUNK is 19.5" tall, 23" wide, 40" long.

So that makes it a total of 35" tall when assembled with the lid on the trunk.  The weight of a finished ark is about 75 pounds. 


Measurements needed during construction:

SQUARE PANEL specs: 15 3/8" X 19 5/8" (X2)

RECTANGULAR PANEL specs: 15 3/8" X 36 3/4" (X2)

LEG PVC: 3 1/2" O.D. cut to 10 1/2" lengths. (X4)

Stave rings: 2 3/8" O.D. cut to 1 1/2" lengths (X4)



Vertical posts are cut out of 1 1/2" stock: 15" sections (X4)

Long posts are 36" long, cut from 3/4" X 3/8" stock 

Short posts are 18" long, cut from 3/4" X 3/8" stock 

Bottom Panel (cut from plywood) 18 1/2" X 36 1/4"

*note: Once you have this trunk assembled, all the other side panel measurements fall into place.  Please refer to the detailed TUTORIAL for more detailed info.





A KIT ark is carefully boxed and shipped via private freight carrier. 



A Finished Ark is laboriously cared for during packing.  The angels are separated and indivudally wrapped in bubble wrap. The lid and trunk are wrapped for protection.  A special oversized freight carton is bolted down to a palet using plywood mounted to the interior of the carton. 



The carton is sealed closed and the entire void is filled with packing peanuts.  The stave poles and fabric are protected at the top.




Ark Angels KIT



Ark of the Covenant Information

Before you begin, have a look at the 4 part video series that will guide you from my kit components to a fully finished Ark. This is the least expensive method of acquiring an Ark.  The series starts here:  (follow the links to parts 2, 3 and 4)

A VISUAL Ark-Building TUTORIAL is available here:

Thank you for your interest in the ARK OF THE COVENANT project!!  You can see a video of a finished ark from these same parts here:

The website homepage is here:

**PLEASE NOTE: anything that is described as a KIT means that the artist does absolutely no work to the pieces. They are cast from the mold and immediately set into a shipping box.  You will need to trim the pieces, putty, clean and sand all the seamlines, assemble, detail, paint etc..

**Carpentry and modelling skills are highly recommended. The mercy seat is a 2 part thermal formed shell that requires some time and patience to put together.

Here are prices in KIT form.


ARK ANGELS: 195 each separately or $350 for a pair.


If you decide to get ALL the above kit pieces, the price is discounted to $1,349.00  This price is firm.  The cost of the materials is amazingly expensive and it is all hand-made.

This base kit does not include the lumber, hardware (bolts & screws)  and flat plastic you'll need for the construction.  All of those materials can be found at any home improvement center.  Measurements for the carpentry phase are provided with each kit.

You can find your lumber at any home improvement center. For the stave poles you can buy 8 foot bed stand poles. 


The flat side panels are not included in the kit.  Essentially you just need a flat surface that you cut 'windows' out of that the story panels show through.  Styrene, ABS, Masonite, vinyl flooring, etc.. there are a number of options you can find at home depot.


The fabric that wraps the stave poles can be found at Jo-Anne fabrics.  You  probably won't find a 100% match since they continually change their stock, but you can find something similar. 


Measurements of a finished ark:

the LID is 43" long, 25 1/2 " wide, 15 1/2" tall including the angels.

The TRUNK is 19 1/2" tall, 23" wide, 40" long.

So that makes it a total of 35" tall when assembled with the lid on the trunk.

The weight (estimated) is around 75 pounds.

Contact for more information.