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Practical Effects Vs. CGI

I am a child of the 80s.   I grew up on films that were created 100% OPTICALLY, that is, no CGI.   All the visual effects in my favourite films have been either shot IN-CAMERA, or photochemically composited with in-camera elements. 

In my career I have fought for practical visual effects in a day where CGI seems to be the go-to tool for hollywood.    My goal is to maintain the heritage of the golden age of special effects and model and prop building.   

I never had a chance to work at the king of visual effects, ILM.  BUT in recent years I have had the opportunity to tour and work at 32TEN studios which is a practical effects house in the same location as the old stomping grounds of ILM in San Rafeal.


Behind me in this photo is STAGE D at the original ILM facility. This was in 2015

 Those doors that are in the middle.  Recognize them? 

This parking lot has been used in recent years to shoot shots for JURASSIC WORLD, TOMORROW LAND, ELYSIUM, THE LONE RANGER, but you'll also recognize this lot when it was set up for:

  You might know this stage as the shoot location for:

 This is also the stage they did all the PYRO effects for every Star Wars and STAR TREK film ever made from 1979 onwards.


I encourage filmmakers to maintain practical visual effects and have been happy to help them acheive their vision.

My model kits are made the traditional way. I am in no way trying to make made-in-in-chinese-sweat-shops-mold-injected models.   Mine are done the old fashioned way to MAINTAIN THE HERITAGE of the golden age of special effects.

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I need to work for you. You need me to work for you. My life revolves around practical effects, props and costumes. If you have the time and feel like some adventure then please see my link and explore our past and present projects. I've been at this for 10 years and 1 costume a year has turned into 5-6 a year, and "I" has become "we" and we've been booked solid with commissions for months ahead. But at the end of the day, I don't want the business, I want "the job." You should have me come work for you. Check out our link below, you'll be happy you did.

Nick Estefan
Real Costume Company

February 9, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterNick Estefan

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