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Shadow Guard Saber Pike Project

Lifesize Lightsaber SABER PIKE PROJECT


This is the shadow guard lightsaber pike replica.  This can be easily built around standard home depot 1" PVC tubing.  The emitter has a molded-in core that allows for a wood or fiberglass rod or, if you modded the handle to accept electronics, you could install an LED blade.


The raw kit consists of:

  1. emitter
  2. handle 1
  3. 3 button options
  4. switch
  5. handle 2
  6. pommel resin cap

**you provide 1" pvc to make up the staff.



First I used CAD software to design the Saber Pike specifications.





...Then the parts were milled.  This is only 2 of the three handle sections.  When assembled, this will be three sections, 87 inches long with a blade.


These are the cast components.  Parts include the first handle, the secod handle, the emitter, the end cap, and 3 button options!



Each handle is cast with a hollow feature at each end (an amazing milling & CASTING FEAT!).  This allows you to insert 1 inch PVC from the home improvement store and VOILA!!  The Emitter has a hollow end engineered for a 1" pvc at the pike end, and a thinner hole at the opposite end to attach a dowel and/or an LED electronic blade.





The color scheme could be solid black, gun-metal, or whatever color scheme you choose.


These are the three activation button options.  1.) a bubble styled top slide top switch 2.) a side slide switch 3.) push-button activation.   Although not cannon, I feel a proper location for this is between the second handle and the emitter.





The measurment of this particular Force Pike is 62" without a saber blade, and 87" with a saber blade.  The length is COMPLETELY adjustable if you vary the lengths of the pvc sections.





Showing below, you can see that the saber can be separated at the last section of the staff.  You can also build it in such a way that you can separate eachsection so it can fit in small luggage.


**NOTE:  The emitter end has a long narrow hollow chamber, about 3 inches long.  This allows for some flexibility to install an LED blade.  The electronics can either be housed inside the emitter handle, OR you can hollow the emitter section COMPLETELY and run a wire down the first section of PVC to intall your electronics there. It's pretty skinny there but someone crafty with electronics will be able to install all the electronics (light, sound) they want.  E.g. someone can hack a forceFX saber and install it on this saber pike.